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How it Works

Four Simple Steps

Crowdfunding Account

Setup Your child's Crowdfunding Account

Send friends & family's a note

Send friends & family's a note to support your Child's education

Receive the donations

Receive the donations into the cloud your phone will Ding with every deposit

Setting up Custodial account

Complete setting up your custodial account and drop the money into your Childs custodial educational account

Begin Join the Warrior Wall

Educating Our Children & Saving Our Planet

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How it Works

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Frequently asked questions

What is cfedu.org?

Cfedu.org is a crowdfunding platform that your child can use to gather donations for his/her higher education from near and dear ones by providing goals and academic progress as leverage.

How do you sign up?

Parents can sign up for the cfedu account and then add their children and provide them with their own accounts and individual personalized pages.

What accounts are connected to cfedu.org?

Educational accounts are provided by NGD financial organizations neobank, Edubank, where parents can create educational accounts for their children.

What kind of educational accounts are provided by Edubank?

The UGMA, UTMA, and 529 educational accounts are the main accounts catered to by Edubank.

How can I set up a parental account on cfedu.org?

Log on to cfedu.org and then select sign up. This will take you through a sign-up process for the parental account on cfedu.org. After you’ve set up the educational account you can add your children as sub-accounts whenever you want.